We are the ones who work the land
With our blood sweat and tears.
You just keep stealing the profits
All the months, along the years...

We are generations and generations
Of landless slaves,
Scavenging crumbles for food
And a place to dig our graves

We are the ones who feed the land
Slaving in this man made hells
And again a few "Cains"
Murdered a thousand "Abels"

Property as an artificial concept
To subdue and to dominate,
When 10% own all the land
Death and Poverty seal your fate...

You cannot own the wind
As a wolf owns the lair
You cannot own the land,
Nor the freshness of the air

No More starving workers
Our struggle, our fight
Land and Freedom for everyone
That is our Birthright

Land for those who work it
An army of Pariahs about to blast
No Peace on Stolen Land
People first! Profits last!

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