Welfare: A means of social control.
Middle Class: Nothing but a creation of a wall!
Between rich and poor, between two sides,
To serve as a plug to hold on the tides!

The vote is the fuel for their hungry machine.
Legitimating their power, keep the money coming in!
In whoever you vote, nothing's going to change...
Please don't fool yourself 'cause you know that this makes sense!

I hate your democracy!
I hate your theocracy!
I hate your slavery!
And I, I just want to be free!

With limited options sold as democracy, your freedom is a lie and it spills hypocrisy...

Reinforced by the media, brainwashed by TV
Manufactured consent as the essence of de(no)mocracy...
Unquestioning, unaware, masses breeding apathy...
Manufactured consent is the seed of slavery

Do you really think that you have a choice?
Do you really think that you can use your voice?

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