Make it raw raw raw raw raw
Gimme what i want
Make it raw raw raw raw raw
Gimme what i need

Today it's my birthday
Tonight will be sex day
Shorty,it's you to play
Just do me right/hold me tight/on and on/round and round
You've got to be nasty to make me feel real
My sexual slave,that's i want for you tonight
I want you to be for eternity
The one and only,pretty lady love me,kiss me,sex me,freak me baby
I can call my all
I give the night till the morning light
Feel me with delight,i know you know how
To do me right,make love to me babe,like a porn star
I'm so into you,you and me,me and you
You and me,me to you


I want to do you
Tell me all that you want me to do
'cause you see all i want is that you freak me too
Play a cd,record all that you can see
Tonite baby you can play me
Even bit eme if you ready
How could you think that you'll do me
Nichols tel me,nichols babe
I'm talking to you babe
Turn of the light,nigga
E.v.e.n if it's late
Play nigga with my lips
Or just play with my sex

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