60's are over and 70's so far
no one has dared to take the place of the dead stars
business and players shall become less and less dark
they knew their job and gonna come to love their
but it can slowly be with new rock'n roll stars

Chorus: there's no hero no devil
you know that I am just a fool on the scene

you've come you're sixteen and says you'll be mine
but can you understand what I feel inside
I'm still glad to sing but I haven't found a wife
but who loves who in the backstages of the skies
so I don't wanna be your rock'n roll star


don't let me down down in the lonely nights
all raise are maybe so many lies
I still rise and wonder if the preacher's not right
when the music's over turn off the light
even if you wanna be a rock'n roll star


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