standing in the nightlight he's making shine his blade
but he's just a gipsy's child he 's playing a fool
what a crazy game
injecting in his veins the serum of death
he's hating all these men who bring him to his place
'cause it's his only way to survive

Chorus: he's running for the deal...

he's spending in the bad streets the money of this
his heart has lost the beat he hasn't got the will
oh the will
his mind is in the air and he's out of control
he's leaving ina nightmare he's dancing with his soul
it's the wrong way for his life

don't run for the deal...

standing in the daylight remembering the flash
he's now a pretty child he's stopped to play the game
what a fool game!
remembering the bad times, flying away from the past
he's now screaming no more deal 'cause he has found
the will to survive

don't run for the deal...

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