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She been with you boy, since way back
Energy fine, nigga lay back
Out here in the 64 we want triple things
We hit the jewelry store and cop a couple of chains
A nigga trying to get that American Dream
And you can measure my life on triple bean
Fast money seem spent real fast
But it's the love that is gon' last

I'm tired, of every night being alone
I'm tired, of all day calling your phone
I'm tired, you never pay attention to me
I'm tired, of every night loosing sleep
And I'm tired, yo' nigga's getting more time with you
I'm tired, stressing about the things you do
I'm tired, girl if you're tired, say you're tired
'Cause I'm tired of crying

Nivea [Ne-Yo]:
Oh [Babe]
I'm tired of your playing
I'm tired of excuses
I'm tired of believing
[You always tripping girl]
[Babe] I'm tired of your lying
Don't know if you're truthful
Don't know if your cheating
[You never talk to you]
[Babe] But you got the answers
And I'm tired of questions
And I'm gonna tell ya
[What it is?]
That this time is over
This time I'm leaving
It's time I'm gone now

Chorus [2x]

I'm leaving this
I'm leaving this
Oh yeah I'm leaving this
I'm leaving this ohh
I'm leaving this shit alone
And you gon' missed me once I'm gone

I'm out in these streets driving in
Why in the world is this girl fucking with me
See I'm gonna grind this shit, it'll take time if you wanna dip on me
Don't put that laundry mat shit on me
___ your girl that you call her honey
She be all up on my collar, and when you ain't here she trynna holla
Maybe I ain't love you like I could've
You didn't appreciate me like you should've
I'm tired of, breaking up and making up
This time is over


[Bridge] 2x
Now I dont know why this girl is tripping
Tripping on me, you were my girl
You were my friend used to be my homey
Give me my keys I'm out the door
Grabbing my Louis Vuitton bags and my coat

I don't know why I don't know why why why
Everything I do I make her cry cry cry
Damn I wish that she could stay by my side
But it seems as if we let each other down

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