STEP BY STEP you're gonna make it
DAY BY DAY you're gonna take it
Keep your head up high
Don't lose everything it's not your mistake.

Don't back down you don't have to shatter
Take your chances from now on it gets better.

Dark shadows taking over your heart
You destroyed yourself time to make a new start
Move along you don't want to stay
I will forgive the mistakes you made
The path you follow no future ahead
You know nothing is what it seems
A one way street you end up dead
Time to realize what our friendship means.

RISE UP this is your chance
RISE UP forget your past
RISE UP now it's the time
RISE UP a new day a new start.

Open up your mind and keep it clear
Don't be afraid live without fear.
You don't have to fight alone
We are there for you so let's go
We will be there till the bitter end
Just hold on my friend.

Hold on my friend
Don't back down you have to RISE UP

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