Oh, well it's hard to look deep into your soul.
Not everything you'll find will be perfect gold.
There are ghosts and demons that hide in the dark.
Oh, they wait till I find love and then they laugh.
Oh, they know that my body is no way good enough.
Know that my heart is no way strong enough to bare the sorrow that love brings.
When I coil in fear, oh, the demons sing-

Oh, it's a hollow love for a heart with no blood
in its veins.

Oh, there is no endless devotion,
that is free from the force of erosion.
Oh, and if you don't believein God,
how can you believe in love?
When we're all just matter that will one day scatter,
when peaceful the world lays us down.
Oh and finding love is a matter of luck,
and unsettled lovers move from fuck to fuck.
Oh, and compare their achievements like discussing bereavements
And compare their abrasions with romantic quotations,
Oh, as peaceful, the world watches down.

But oh we were blown out of the water.
Oh, and we walk on the feet we have grown.
Oh, and we were given a heart, of which love is a part.
Oh, and we cornered the thing from which all life will spring.
And it gave value to the world that surrounds us.

But we consider the world just for a moment
Oh, and its gone before we even know
Oh, but ill follow it round yeah I'll follow it round
Oh, I'll follow it round yeah I'll follow it round
Till peaceful, the world lays me down.

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