Play this song with capo on the first fret
You lying fucking whore
I dont want you anymore
I dont need your fucking lies and that's for sure

No matter if you cry
I dont care if you would die
so go fuck your self you bitch
cause you're the glitch

Your doing isn't right you're not even worth the fight
Cause honey I want cola but your cola light

So greetings antichrist you made yourself my kryptonite if I would like som
cola you'll be cola light

But it hurts to sing this song
and in my heart I know Im doing wrong
but it feels so good to sing this song
and I will never admit that im doing wrong

Bring me my machine, bring me gazoline
that is all I need
When I wake up in the morning just to see another day at work awaits me
but I dont want to go
so when IM dead I'll be sitting on a mountain and not in my bed

So scream and burn Im gonna break my neck in the next turn

Life is bitch then you gonna die living this way gonna make your momma cry and
when it snows I gotta go this is what Im living for

Oh the devil is a woman she's eating you alive
and you'll never gonna pass her by

There will be no flag on my grave they'll say I missbehaved
they'll dig me down for good
there will be no flag on my grave cause I was not that brave they'll say I couldnt kill my enemy

But the pain I handled inside I laid it on you and you killed it too
and the guilt for what I have done I laid it on you I laid it on you

So let me pass away this empty life is yours to have
and let them burn for what the've done I close my eyes against the sun

Jimmy went out with the bout one day he was all alone cause he liked it that way
the city was asleep as he saw the sun awake
Tell me why they all are gone Jimmy tell me what you've done
Tell me why you are alone Jimmy what's going on
Do you stand by my side when sky falls down can we thrust you to stay around and
the people that you betrayed little by little

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