I aviate like space pirates during race riots
Slay tyrants, pick up and inject 'em with AIDS virus
Display violence like tell-lie-vision pilots
Raise your eyelids, and wake the fuck up, and fire drug sirens
We buckin officers on cocaine assignments blastin fine alignments
They made to crucify and keep us timeless
Dip this image into liquified diamonds
Wrote the holy book and sold they souls to the scientists
Transponders, we split ya blood like anacondas
Computer monitors release heat, and burst thermometers
In cold weather, you try to hold your soul together
with rubber cement, fuck the President, and the government
You fuckin dick, I oughta make you eat your own shit
Kidnap you whack business cats that double dip
Don't have to search far to overstand the reason why you flipped
Money's the root of all that's evil and you slipped
into the cracks, there's no turnin back, my turn to react
Rollin dairy cats, known to carry gats, so we interact
Take it back to 1492, you devils send over a crew
Now I know them cats that's down with you

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