I've Cried, all the raindrops that I've cried
Bloodless, Hopeless Heart
All I've denied
The deepest wounds of love
All the miseries of love
Senseless, endless life
Remembrance of dying
If could die

I'd Carry a loss
The shades I felt lighting my nights
The coldest dark nights
All I left behind
Was a mortal life
Without these cursed hungry nights
Please cease my heart

In my last heartbeat I'II try
Try to live my life
By the sunshine
Eight seconds of Real Life
If there is a perfect sight
It seems to be your smile
I'd taste your cold lips
Till the day I die

And I'd carry a loss...

The unforsaken wounds
Will cease with my heart
My first innocent wishes
Rise with my death
My private unholy words
Will shout and curse my life
I shall live forever
With my last heartbeat

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