I heard that melody
Drowning in my memory
What have I been dreaming of ?

We drove down to the sea
Told me what you had seen
What have you been dreaming of ?

It was a summer night
Falling from the sky

Forgive my selfishness
I know I'm out of control
Your eyes showed me tenderness

Going back there again
Falling like a snow

There's no right of wrong
I found those days were gone
Oh where do we go ?
Where do you stand if it's not the place you want

If the tidal waves swept the time away
Now where do we go ?
Out of place
Somewhere we hide away

I found that melody
Tasted like our history
What have you been dreaming of ?

Fire works reflected in your eyes
Faded into the night sky
I'll never know what comes to your mind

You look so fine, you look so fine
I finally found where I belong
But I don't know where to draw the line

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