Chorus: He's been through the war "repeat2x
Yo,yo,yo I went off to Baxley where it was hard and rucked. I didn't cared what people said I over looked
it.Every night I praid that I would come back, but my life was bendin' and twistin' like an acrobat. Ihad to take
care of myself with no regards of help. I did away with bad things and put them on the shelf. But I stayed
harder than the gold off an wrestling belt. when I was there I thought everybody was stupid, but I realized
that I was just trippin'. My life was about to turn over but it was just tippin'. I had to leave everything
behind; I was stuck without no jewelry or cologne. My life was almost perfect, but the way I was
looking at it was wrong. I started to notice that it wasn't all about me. I was blind but now I can
see. And than I back to my home town. And my prayer had came true and I thank god for all he can do.
But nothin' won't fade my color, because I'm still black just like Dr. Martin L. King "My brother."
So skip hop Ka BOOM! let's skip all the stupid stuff. I was soft but the war made me tough.
I've won all my fights while ya'll still getting beadown with handcuffs. To get here I pulled
a lot of strings. I was so poor that my alarm clock wouldn't ring. People didn't like my lyrics so
they"ll laugh and smurk. Now I'm big time and it's all because of my hard work. Believe it
or not it was tough. I shake haters off so ya'll stand there and look rough.
chorus: repeat 3x fade

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