Oh and il I want all I want is you
Ohoh oooo

I was never meaning to do it, how could I ever be so foolish,
To throw away what was proven, never really thought about living a life without her,
Theres no excuse coz I knew it, and now im starting to lose it,
Im becoming unravelled and fluid, I would do anything to have never put you through that,
But its too late now, now I ask myself why? Did I not believe you,
And im feeling way down, coz im thinking about the days and the life I was seeing you,

If I could turn back the hands of time baby I'd rewind every clip of you,
I would of never lied to ya tears in my eyes for ya, I no that I should of cherished you,

I look at my life in a different light and iv got to change coz it just aint right,
Wanna turn back time, wish I could turn back time,

Now that im looking back on the other days I realise precious time is slippin away, you never knew just what would become of me I wasn't half of the man I was s'pose to be, and it hurts to even think of myself, what I did and how I did and if I woulda shoulda taken back all the pain and id be good to ya what have I gotta do to bring me back to you babe

And now I close my eyes and I drift away on a place where il reflect on a major space,
Every mention of my life's only what I pray for, to be blessed with you once more
Oh baby oh baby I wanna be wanna be
Ohh ohhh ahhhh ahh ey

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