Girl picture this
You and me
On a G5 flight to heaven
This is where
You wanna be
Just a .. and the loving
I'm gone
And I need
The best party girl you ever seen
First class with me
Don't be scared to go up and away with me
Up and away with me

Cause I'm gonna blow you up your world baby
I'll fly you anywhere that you wanna go
Up and away ( repeats)

Now picture this
No turbulence
You can't resist
These complements that I'm whispering in your ear
See you with me
It's like snow on a mountain peak
We can be like the sun is kissing the see
Let's go up and away
Up and away


Take a trip to Mexico
Watching you spend my pesos
Where gonna make love on the sand
While whispering
I don't say a word
Cause .. got you going crazy
And we won't stop baby until we'll reach the sun
.. my heart got beating like a drum
And I'm gonna introduce you to the ,, club
I'll fly you any way any way you want to go


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