Gimme the bad news
Tell it to me straight, I can take it
I'm startin' the countdown
I got about a minute left for you

I know I'm gonna laugh it off until I cry
Some way
I'm gonna get on with my life

Gimme the bad news baby now
Don't make me wait
I wanna know that I'm your biggest mistake
Gimme the bad news baby
Don't turn away
I know the truth no matter what you say
Gimme the bad news, the bad news today

Tell me how it feels
When you fake it
You know the art of hangin' round
And leave when there is nothin' left to do
Go on
Let me see you act like you're the King of Truth
Be strong
I'm gonna leave it up to you


Tell me to get out
That you can't take it
Scream it out loud
We're goin' down, down
I wanna see you shout
Like it meant something to you
Gimme the bad news, baby


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