[Verse 1: Outasight]
I wish I could tell you that everything's okay
When certainly they're not 'cause in my mind
The weight of getting older falls right upon my shoulders
The clock never stops, no rewind
To you, it means a change for good
A day you been waiting for
Well I can not abide, no how, no way
To me, it means letting go of being carefree, responsible
Hello is something I'd rather not try today

I'll be alright, I swear
If it's fine by you, don't pay me no mind
I'll be alright, I swear
It's my life and it's ending one minute at a time

[Verse 2: Outasight]
And I'm alive and free and young and chilling out
And doing whatever I want
I'm not sure exactly when time slipped through my fingers
But I'm afraid to lose anymore, please excuse the mess
I can't get over the hill and look back, no, that's for sure
And days swing by so blissfully, scares the shit out of me
My dear, does getting old mean you'll be alone?
Afraid of death, afraid of life, knock the door and wasting time
Hello, the thought of being without you is gone


[Verse 3: Outasight]
And I was thinking bout turning up the stereo
And playing something out loud so I couldn't hear the world
And maybe stop it on it's axis for a second
So I can live in the moment for just another minute in it
And I was thinking about closing up the shades
And acting like it never changes time in the day
And I don't have to see the sun fade away
It's like it never happened then-then I'd be okay


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