[verse 1: outasight]
It started at the moment i thought it would
I stepped off the platform into a yellow car
I could not retrieve the road
Windows cracked, my eyes were closed
How will i find my way out?
It ended when i lost my quest forever more
Inclined to roles, response and goals i never saw
There i was, alone again, not giving up but giving in
Now tell me where to go

Downtown in my mind
I'm looking for things i could never find

[verse 2: outasight]
I picked the pieces up and started to question
Why it must be selling out or buying in
Everywhere i look or turn, everyone is so concerned
Yet they have no reply
I'm walking slowly down this block, i swear i saw
The whole world 'round me moving in fast forward
All my movements slowing down
Constant rushing always 'round, i have nowhere to run

[hook x2]

[verse 3: outasight]
Let me state my name, richard andrew, no one the same
Whether doughboy philosopher, no codes, locking 'em
Dope shows, rocking 'em, choice hoes, on top of 'em
Close foes, mocking 'em, none in the vicinity
Sipping merlot in little italy memories
Brush through my mind, paint against canvas
Campus to mansions, burberry j ransom
Sinatra's my life, playing in the back
Like i'm sitting in my grandpa's cadillac
Those who can't see the vision, cataracts
Average stacks, laugh at that
Tailored stacks, roll through my habitat
The constant search for answers seems like they got it
The path to knowledge of self may be chaotic
But i'm on it, won't shut it down like onyx
Hit the mark ecko sentiments of the life complex in the dark

[hook x2]

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