(Snuff The Punk era, takin from a live recording)

This generation,
Ruled the nation,
To praise Yahweh

Dear Father, I write this letter to you,
Your people are lost and they don't know what to do.
They've grown cold to your love, and blind to your peace.
Hatred in their eyes that only seems to increase.
Loneliness guards the doors to their heart,
Desperate for your name and you offer us a new start.
They hate your people, and they mock your son.
You wait for the day when your work is done.

P.O.D. comin at ya, I'm livin my course complete
You ain't gonna serve and it's like that
P.O.D.'s in effect.
Chillin, coooold chillin

Dear Lord, give us patients this day,
For they know not what they do, and know not what they say.
Grant us peace and love, that I can share with my brother.
When my worldly flesh wants to straight up smoke this sucka.
But I know that's wrong, and I know that's not of you.
But even as a Christian I'm lost and confused.
Help me from the hate that my heart rolls thick.
Show me how to love the suckas that I drop quick.

Show me peace and love Lord, so I can share with my brothers.
Cause this world is full of hate, people are lost and they don't know what to do.
P.O.D.'s just spreadin the good news, tryin to show people what's up.
It's like that, Chillin. My voice in your face.

Oh Father, why do they mock what we do?
We spread your good news and show that you true.
We're few Lord, but at your feet we sit.
You's all that we got, every last bit.
Because our will is yours Lord, do as you please.
We'll serve you till the end, so God let it be.
We are soldiers in you, and you who we trust.
Till the death we will fight, if death is enough.

It's like that, P.O.D.'s comin down hard on every crew.
We're on the mission to reap and sow, takin out all suckas that get in our way.
P.O.D. is real, live for you. My Lord is real, live for you. It's like that.

You don't realize the consequences you face,
We'll go put in your place, and left without a trace.
The time is now, for us to stop and stand tall.
Good news in Christ, come one come all.
We gotta get together, and put my Lord on high.
Stop the enemy cold, and save my brothers life.
Well these are the end times, and the Lord is comin back.
You can bow now or later holms, it's like that.

Check it out, P.O.D. in effect.
The real deal, ain't no playin around.
I said it, you can bow now or later jack.
It's true homie, you gotta get with it.
It's like that, P.O.D.

Check it out, this is the hitman from the P.O.D.
Bring it to you on a real level.
You know we ain't here to preach or nothin,
we're just here to spread the good news.
The good news my Lord has to offer you.
And we ain't makin nothin from it,
we just wanna tell people what's up,
Show em that my Lord is real, show him how much he loves you
It's like that, you know.
We, we don't preachin, we ain't doin no preachin
We just wanna show you what's up, that God's real.
You know, you laugh at us but we cry for you
You know how you figure "P.O.D. is hard" but we still know what's up
We just wanna show you guys what's up, Peace.
P.O.D. is out.

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