Once a hope
Now a tragedy
Remember it alive and green
Carved with so much and died with so little
If it was intended to die why did it grow anyway?

The place where we met
The place where we loved
Ended up to be the place of the dead
Yet what love was this
That ended so soon?
Our tree soaked the hatred we once bled

Branching so high
Never thought we could fall
Lived on spring's breeze
Nothing would hurt us at all

Then it came?then it came?

Ruin, before our summer?s end
Decay, before our summer?s end
Death, before our summer?s end
before our summer?s end

Handed you my hopes
Handed you my dreams
Gave it all just to set me free
Hand back the rope
Stand there and watch
As I embrace the arms of our dead tree

I'll strain the rope
On this dead tree

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