Everything around me is desolate
Wide fields of misery and acrid tears
Above this edge my sullen eyes gaze
My breathing is a slow-paced sigh
I stand here desolate and torn
Head down in shame and sadness

Facing a world that in me was grown
In all these years of failure
Where I survived, somehow, alone.
In a last effort
The word of salvation I cry.
A scream of insane proportions?
Your sacred name.

Come for me
Take me
Shelter me.
Underneath your wings
I wait for you
To be with you
Stand by you
Lulled by your song.

Take my hand and pull me away from my own disgrace.
Take me and keep me. Keep me forever secure in your sweet embrace.

Take me
And keep me
To you.
Leave me.
Keep me
To you.

In love with your perfect architecture.
Every precise detail.
Delicate work of art.
Handle with care
Yet love in unashamed passion.

Make this world disappear?for it tears the life from me.
Take this desolation from here?it makes me wilt in agony.
Take me out from where I hide?I know the dark show me the light.
(I) take my place by your side?(to) greet salvation over the blight.

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