She was a sign. A fire of purification
Yet she was the enticer of my temptation
She was an angel. Pure on intentions
Yet she carried the scythe for my damnation

She was wrath. A ravaging storm
Mother Nature?s hand of doom
She was death. Her certain strike
Was bliss, a single touch over me

She was a poem written with flesh
She was a tear shed by the eyes of God
She was torn from this cruel world
Her beauty was slaughtered by those
Who could not comprehend

Bear witness to the death you brought
This is death in my arms, like blood in your hands
The very eyes from where she came forsaken her
Her light ended. In that moment so did mine.

You tore her from me. Is this punishment?
I loved her then. I love her still
You have taken her. Without judgement.
So, as mine, your fate is sealed

Her flaws were as perfect as her virtues
She was a flower with thorns.
Every detail was of untainted precision
She was singular in everything.

Bear witness to the death you brought
As I witness your leaving for the life you took

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