She saw the ragged edge of nowhere from a fast moving train
Watched the scenery fly by with a fever in her brain
Seemed like a good time at the time, rolling down that track
Now the only thing she wants is a one-way ticket back


She's a homeward looking angel and she's feeling mighty tired
Her party dress is tattered but her vision is inspired
(She went gunning for glory but her bullets all misfired)
And that girl looking back in the mirror, Lord, made such a mess of things
She's leaving in the morning soon as she can find her wings
Soon as she can find her wings

She's so hungry at heart for a piece of Mama's pie
Served up on Grandma's china after church on Sunday night
Papa's probably turning out the light and heading up the stairs
And the wayward child he never talks about still turns up in his prayers


There's a road ahead and the road behind
All roads lead to home this time


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