Close my eyes and ask myself a question
Why is it I do what I do
Am I looking for some happy definition
Of life and love in the corners of the truth
Or am I just some curious bystander
Looking at the world through a child's eyes
Sunlight always shining on my shoulders
While the storm rages on deep inside, deep inside

And it seems so hardto keep in all together
When the walls are falling down on every side
Yeah, but I'll be damned if I give up on it easy
I've worked too hard to get the barricades this high

Now this world's a stage we're meant to play on
Direction from inside on what to do
I know I should have all the answers
Deep inside I haven't got a clue, not a clue


Told myself that I would be okay
Told myself I'd be all right no doubt
Somewhere Low I know that I've been lying
Can't believe it took me thirty years
To figure that shit out


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