Found myself in a bar room
Doing things I ought not to
Watching life as it slowly passed me by
I was holding on to lovers and discarding other with my lying
Living my whole life like this I guess is risky business
Some folks say that I wont last too long
I cant say I blame them, for saying what they're saying
Right now Im just holding on

Now Im just an old dancehall dreamer
Living my life in the past
I keep holding on to dreams and them slow moving trains
I dont know how long I can last

So I called out to Jesus
Said Lord I really need ya
You've gotta carry me for a while
Ive been running too long
Singing these old tired songs
As the wheels keep turning out the miles
Like I said Im just a dreamer
Ive gotta keep believing
That some day things will go my way
Just running from the devil
Ive got one foot on the pedal
The other ones laid up in the grave

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