Cigarettes and a lighter, lonely woman swinging door, broken pieces of a broken love affair, i guess we've seen all that before ,tonight she stares to the darkness, welcomes it back home again, she'll cry every night till the day that she dies, if she don't find out how to let love in


I need somebody to save me, i need to learn how to fly, a walk on the clouds with the angels, and laugh when the devil cries , i've got to take my chances, spend my nights in wild romances, and hold on to what is holdin' on to me, now doesn't this all seem familiar, you said i took the words from your mouth, maybe if we sit here and talk for awhile, we just might work it all out, the hardest thing about leaving is knowing when a friend is a friend, a couple more drinks and i'll be on my way, sleeping and down, safe in your arms again

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