If i had a million i would build you a mansion,
A hundred miles from nowhere with all a girl could need,
We would run through the hallways and dance in the backyard,
If we ain't got no neighbors ain't noone will see.

And if i had a speed plane we'd fly across the land,
Settle in some little border town,
We'd drink margaritas and dance to mariachis,
Put you on my speed plane and i would bring you back home.

And if i had a steamboat we'd sail across the ocean,
Dock in some little port of call,
We would have a fine time with swiss cheese and french wine,
Put you on my steamboat and i would bring you back home.

But i ain't got a million and i ain't got a speed plane,
I ain't got no boat upon the sea,
All i've got is two strong arms to hold you so tightly,
So baby won't you, won't you please, come back home with me.

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