Verse 1:
Oh how strong the power of Jesus' name!
It is stronger than any other name
How sweet the vict'ry that bore my shame
took the burden of my sin away

Hallelujah! What a savior!
I owe everything to Him
Hallelujah what a savior
Hallelujah to my King

Verse 2:
Oh how great the kindness our God has shown
We were strangers, now we're called His own
His grace has welcomed the sinner home
Tender mercies, lead us to The Throne


Hallelujah! Hallelujah to my King! (repeat)

Verse 3:
Oh what peace the Spirit of Jesus brings
through the trials He will carry me
One day, in Heaven, our eyes will meet
Filled with wonder, all the saints will sing


(Bridge 2x)

Hallelujah to my King, hallelujah to my King

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