Team Canada... at your service,
From the land of the chills.
If they can't thrill ya, baby, nobody will;
Make way, here comes Team Canada.

So long and free,
Lead by our fearless hero, Gretzky.
He should be the Prime Minister, if you ask me.
O thank-you Team Canada

Well it's hush hush
Three men rush rush
Iginla, Sakic, and Lemieux
He shoots, he scores
And all of Canada roars
From the warmth of our igloos!

Sorry, eh?
We put the hurt on you, Team USA
And showed the whole world
That it's still a game.
Three cheers for Team Canada!

We slide and glide
skate over any line
Red or white or blue
What makes it nice is that we did it twice ;)
Cause our woman beat ya tooo....

Gold at last
50 years sure took a long time to pass
So tip your hat or raise a glass
For the heroes of Team Canada

O what a great game, Team Canada...
You did us proud, Team Canada...
Salt Lake City.... 2002

something, something, something.....

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