to ever hold our ground
to ever defend our freewill
we better stay alert
we can never fail
to break all the walls down and start to build a thousand bridges
we can only count on each other
to kill a lion for a day doesn't make you king of anything
that's just opposition
to join the frontline and stand the fire
there's no mercy
there's no help from anyone but us
stand or fall
never surrender
every drop of blood
every single breath
every form of resistance
stand or fall
call it burden
call it karma
call it what you will
it's just the hard times right outside your door
no surrender here
surrender is death
to keep on struggle
to find clarity along the way
scars of life are the best drive we can get
we can have it all
just break down the walls and build a thousand bridges
and a thousand more
stand! rise up or fall
we can take it
we can have it all
just defend freewill

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