As God sits with His head in His hands, tapping His pen on the ashtray
Cos the humans just don't get ugly

Back from the dead with your head in your hands
Banging your fists on the table like a monkey

In these words from Solomon's hand, everything I know must pass
It's the only way I can grow

Passion? Give me some empathy (don't let me down)

You took the car to the highest viewing point
A place of outstanding natural beauty, where everything is plain to see

This intoxicating mixture of self loathing and ecstasy
I wish I could just be grateful, the more I live the less I know

It's only spinning molecules, racing back and forth
So why does it feel so bad?
If this energy exists forever, everything you need to know you already know

Cos I'm signing on the dole, and I'm signing my life away
I just want you to know how this makes me feel today
I don't care what you write or what you say about me
Cos I just wanna see some empathy
Cos most of us are too afraid to come out in the sunlight
And get shot down in flames for what we believe is right
This makes me shit scared and scarred
Like the fire in the sky is like the fire in your heart
And I don't need to be ripping myself apart for you, for you
But the time has come to understand the depths of the soul
And it's at your most broken you will understand
Like we do, like we do, for you for you for you for you

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