It's a long road (harder every step)
A cold wind that gets in your bones (with every breath you take)
But you're stronger (stronger every step)
The further on you go (got to carry on)

Thought I knew you (thought you were a friend)
But can't even say I know me (am I a friend to me?)
That sorry shadow I (might need a helping hand)
Could turn out to be (am I a friend to me?)

Sometimes I cannot
Just can't understand where my head is at
Or what my heart is saying

All throughout the struggle
Sometimes I feel
I can't shake the habit - I just can't break out

But I know in the end
I'll beat the chill
Cause the road will go on
With me or without

Making no
Fighting for
A better life

It's a long road (harder every step)
But friends keep you on a good path (sharing the fate you make)
Take a wrong turn (friends or not, we'll see)
And they'll be on your back (if they're friends, they'll be)

Callin' you out (strict accountant style)
As ice-cold as gales on the road (and hungry as packs of wolves)
We keep each other strong (sometimes we got to fight)
Going toe to toe (put yourself to the test)

And we may not know
If we'll come out this alive or not
But we just have to break through

Sure I know just like me
You have your doubts
Can you keep to the straight and narrow, live life

Better every minute
And do without
Your dark shadows let them go
Set yourself free

What we've learned
What we know
(We're) here for those
Out there alone

Making no
Fighting for
Your friend's life

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