Slowly down
Down the river
The one you sold me down
Where all my timbers shiver

You hold them down
And as they're flailing
Yeah as they drown
You say
"Oh look they're waving"

Oh britannia - somehow she was saved
(Britannia) raped by all the slaves, raped all the slaves

Sorry dad
For every single good time that i had
They made it look so bad
Sorry mum
For all the good things that i done
Gave you hope when there was none..

Schools - how can you? Teach that we were saved
Fools, britannia -
Tell me i can live
Ammonia and sieve
My baby's coming with me..

For the outing
From the prison of my mind
No 3 score and 10 wreck
I wont be blind/ly led
This lion by a donkey

Down for the outing
From the prison of your mind
Where pretty ribbons
A wild beast cannot bind
And pretty rhythms can ease a troubled mind
Ease a troubled mind
Lick it til it shines
Many troubled minds round here

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