I remember, when you were born, I felt like one lucky son of a gun,
and when you turned into two, I was so happy.
When you said: "I love you", held you in my arms so tight,
Id never forget the best years of my life.
Apple of your daddys eye,
wanna be the one to hold you in the night...
...Oh! oh! sleep tight, dont you worry, gonna be alright.
I remember when you were three, you were so lovely, so very pretty,
and when you turned into four, I finally realized
what God put her here for...
...If I had my way, time would stand still,
youd stay as sweet as you are.
But time waits for no one, it never will,
your gonna leave me soon enough.
Im just sad cause youre growing up...
...Dont stop ever lovin me because youre the...

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