Every time I wake up somewhere far away
Counthing all the minutes back to yesterday
I wonder what you're doing do you fell this way
Are thinking of me to
Looking in the mirror all wanna see
Is pretty face smiling back at me
There's nowhere in the world that
I would rather be
Than to back home with you

I'm on my way
I promise you that I wan't be long
I just called to say
I've missed every litlle moment without you
And can't wait
For us to be alone
I'm almost in your arms
I'm coming home

At night when I'm alone I really miss your touch
I hold on to your picture and it means so much
To know that there is someone out there for me
And you feel the some way too
Everywhere I go I wish you were there
Everything I do wish that we could share
Everywhere I go
Makes me miss you So + chorus

I can touch you
Anytime I close my eyes
Baby you can feet it
If you just believe
I'm coming home

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