They wokw up early on Christmas morning
They saw the presents all around the tree
It was everything they ever wanted
They were happy as happy can be

All at once something caught their eye
On the floor neath the stockings on the chimmey
It was certainly a big surprise
Everyone wondered what could it be

It was red and then green
Silver then gold
Hard to explain but a sight to behind
A magical shimmering whirling delight
And maybe it was meant for children to find
Or something that Santa Claus left behind

So incredible and so exciting
As the followed it around the roon
But it was late and they were getting sleepy
Christmas Day had ended too soon

And when they woke up in the morning
They tried to find it but it disappeared
Mother said don't be disappointed
Maybe you'II find it again next year


The moral of the story
When you're going to bed tonight
If you dream and you just believe it
It just might come true
It could happen to you

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