Welcome to the world of pleasuare
don't hang up don't be afraid
tell me all your inner secrets
your confidence won't be betrayed
let me be your guardian angel
guide your safely trough the night
set free your emotions
trust me it'll be alright

if you want fornication
with a little imagination
satisfaction guaranteed
in my room no one hears you scream
if you're into domination
call me i'm your salvation
you'll be begging on your knees
crying out in ecstasy

if latex leather is your fetish
"S m bondage" your delight
i'm the mistress of all pleasures
i can make everything right
open your mind let me show you
things beyond your wildest dreams
i'll take you where some fear to go
In my room live you're fantasies

sixty seconds,sixty seconds
sixty seconds,sixty seconds
sixty seconds,sixty seconds
sixty seconds from paradise

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