the temperature is rising
can't get no relief
burning with passion
don't turn down the heart

the power of love
fills me with disire
i want to hold you forever
in the flames of it's fire

you showed me heaven
opened the door
i've tasted paradise
now i want more

i've lost my defenses
love's out of control
i surrender i'm yours
now body and soul

like riding the wind
keep spinning round
can't close my eyes
don't want to look down

it's more than a feeling
now can't you see
there's a fire raging
deep inside of me

i'm hooked on you
i'll never let go
love is alive
let it flow,let it flow

you're broken the circle
stolen my heart
nothing can stop us
or keep us apart

can't get much higher
can't get much higher
can't get much higher
cause i love you

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