loves like a roller coaster
loves like a spinning top
keep doing what you're doing
oh baby please don't stop
one step away from heaven
three steps from paradise
you make it fell so good
you make it fell so right

call me i'll come running
touch me i'm on fire
let's take it to the limit
anything that you disire
you're my one obsession
you're my fantasy
surrender to your felings
give in its destiny

don't break the chains don't free me
don't wake me from this dream
i'm just a slave to your love
you are my everything
give in don't fight it
hold me don't let go
don't be afraid to show it
come on and let love grow

it's time to stop pretending
it's time to face the truth
i can't hide my feelings
i'm so in love with you
you're so intoxicating
sweet angel of delight
give in to templation
take me to paradise

how do you fell ?
how do you fell ?
how do you fell ?
baby do you fell good

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