Come on in take that look off your face
We've got to talk for a while
I know you're angry but don"t keep staring
I've never seen you so wild

You're only here to confirm your suspicions
You've seen me with somebody else
You thought you owned me but nothing's forever
You've only been fooling yourself

You had no right reading my emails
Asking my friends were I've been
It's time I did some explaining
I don't know where to begin

I can't deny what's been going on
So don't ask me how long
I should have known the best kept secrets
Are never a secret for long

Love is blind hides in the shadows
It's only a heartbeat away
I can't change the way that I am feeling
I didn't want it this way

I was gonna tell you tonight
It's too late I know
I was waiting for the time to be right
I am sorry it's time to go
It's over

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