Are you the one, are you the right, a new victim will die tonight,
I'll smash your face and crush your head. you'll end up dead in my bed,
The smell of blood makes me insane, I'll stab you again & again,
I want to torture, I want to kill, I cut your throat, what a thrill,

It doesn't matter if you're saints or sinners,
It doesn't matter if you're losers or winners,
You can run, but you can't hide,
You'll only die tired!

I love your pain, I love your fear, the death is near oh so near,
Blood on the floor, blood on the wall, with a chainsaw we're gonna have a ball,
I'll take a trophy, I'll take an eye, but it's too early for you to die,
You're not the first, you're not the last, so many victims in my past,

It doesn't matter if you're saints or sinners…

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