Everytime I see you, you're tryna take me home, and it makes me wonder if
were to get it on...would you take the time to touch me(touch me), and take me
into ecstasy, yeah...

I wonder if I take you home, would you give me good love baby, would you
fulfill my fantasies, or would u just do me wrong(would u just do me wrong)

--Mommy wassup wit cha, I jus wanna get to know u betta...mommy u tight work,
and I know i can get u wetta,...and I know u fed up, I know life is hard,
but u gotta keep ya head up...u got da heal game...thas why I can't wait to slip off ya
clothes and lick u from head 2 toe, give u some of this fire head 'til u explode....i wanna make
u cum 'til u can't cum no more, I wanna see u girl roll yo' toes...I wanna be
the one to turn u out, I'ma show u what I be about, I'm not a hot boy,
I'mahot man....beat yo' ass 'til u say gotdamn...girl i luv dis, and if u think
u got some undefeated type of pussy girl i'm bustin dubless...


--I wanna be dat man that you've neva had before, I wanna be dat man,
that put it on u fast or slow. I wanna be everything that u need baby and more
it would be no fun if I told u everything thas instored, u got those body parts
I just wanna explore--spanish--u got my two boys below my waist line singin the blues
baby honestly what is that u got to lose...u know u want some more...I'ma have
u goin crazy praisin the lord...i fuck like I rap, hardcore...I'm not a hot boy, I'ma hot man..
beat yo ass 'til u say gotdamn...girl i luv dis....and if u think
u got some undefeated type of pussy girl i'm bustin dubless...


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