Baby girl ain't nothing at gestapo we pursuing
And I give either loving and the way that I be doin it to you
Ain't nothing better than me see how I'm proving it to you
Kissing , hugging emotionally losing it with you

Baby give it up see how I'm gonna hit it up
Mommy we gon' live it up
Give me your permission to take you off to a place
Baby let me play my position
Mommy probably if you understood my position
You hardly try to restrain it
I'm saying you loving hot like wasabi eating sushi
And everything 'bout you golden boo
And even though we done it will be difficult just to get over you

I just can't believe this hole she's got on me
I just want to move on with no memories of we
But she's holding me hostage and I just can't deny it
And I think that I may never ever get over you
I'll never get over you

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