Can you see
What you're doing to me
I'm begging you, please
Why don't you stay for a while
Till the frozen winds of morning

Just turn around
One look in my eyes
Will tell you no lies
I'm in the palm of your hand
And when the smoke clears
I'm still waiting

You say it's hard to say it's over
But your dreams are made of clay
I say I still feel the fire
And that never fades away

Remember my love we've been through some changes
All I want is to bring back the days filled with magic
And now you're telling me...
It's all in the past, we can't see the changes
Nothing left of what we used to have

One more chance
Is all that I need
To plan a new scene
Change the course of our story
I won't let it slip away

Now it's up to you
I don't wanna crawl
I don't wanna fall
I guess I just need a reason
Why I should give up the fight
Cause my heart's still burning



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