I'm trying to forget the days that we spent dreaming on
All the good things that we had for our future
We kept our head up high, we thought we couldn't lose our fight
We didn't know how tough could be to live in this mad world

Ain't no easy way out for us
Ain't no bigger crime than killing hopes
No turning back for us
What's the price to pay to get back our future?

Clouds are darker that the night
See our chances passing by
Where did it go?
Our heaven lost
Life is harder than they said
With empty hands you can't but pray
When is our turn?
Our heaven lost

How can we forgive our chiefs above who stole our innocence
Who gave away souls for a dime without a doubt
There's no fairytale to share with who will come after us
We're guilty without a crime
'Cause they traded our hearts for their power

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