Our time has come, we must take justice in our hands
I feel heavy and hard, but that's just the way it is
There out to steal our dreams I'll cry out dignity
Will we find in the art we play, will we roll the dice?

And some of us will die
For freedom to survive
Standing here ready for action
Come on dream it on

Streets of fire
Light up the night
Fading desire
I fall and rise
Streets of fire
Arise in the fog
In the streets of fire
War raging on

Surrounded and unnumbered
No fear of destiny
We won't run, we won't hide
This town will be painted red

There will be no begging for mercy
See they're closing in
We're all men, not mice
The faith will stay alive

One slash is all it takes
Just the swing of the knife in the hand
Lies nothing but a game to play and the rules are prepared for your death
Time to live and time to die, but we keep our hand
Brothers let's pray and just say our goodbyes
Then send them to hell

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