I've been called by many names
I've been treated like a stranger
I saw my heart in flames
You tried to kill me in vain

Will I be coming back?
Will I be shining like a star?
Which was you aim
When you threw my soul in hell?

You'll hear me coming, I won't be silent
You'll pray your end won't show
I'll come running, my hand ain't violent
I'll touch your inner glow

Hear me crying like a thunder in the distance
You don't know what it means
To see my home slaughtered and killed
Like a phoenix rising
I'm here to live again
Hear my voice like a thunder in the distance

I've been cheated my mankind
I've been put in a corner
But now your fate's designed
You act just like a mourner

Will I be coming again?
Will I be shining like the sun?
Which was your plan?
I'll do all that I can

I promised to fight for my land?
What was I supposed to do, to leave and let go?

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