[Chorus: x2]
Just hit me a lick finna blow a check
Got stacks on me goons on deck
Finna slide thru tha strip club and make a mess
Iono won't that hoe I want dat bitch

I got a stack in every pocket, pistol on waist,
Liquor in my hand, no smile on my
Faace, hand full of dis shit, I'm finna throw away,
Finna ball, been countin money
All day, lil boy move, big boyz finna play,
Blow dis shit, en' nuttin but paper n e
Way, nuttin nigga money f**k nigga n e way,
Nigga slip and dun took it, all I'm
A say, nigga lame, he a rookie, nigga okay,
Finna snatch me a hoe, and spend it on
Bay, got fire on me, f**k it I'm a parlay,
Now I'm lookin for da right hoe I'm a slay.

[Chorus x2]

To all money gon nigga, f**k it I'm a hang,
If she bad, and she f**k it, I'll blow
Change ain't got to I could fuck her off my name
Tryna fuck sumin got tired of runnin
Game tell how lil mama act dat she fuck lames
When I'm throwin my paper nigga ion
Aim let her play with me shit I want the real thang
Slip and fall on all this money I'm
The blame if she sweet she gon fuck around
And get trained V.S.O.P got me off the
Chain ain't no cuffin goin on these hoes fast
Game got stacks of this shit no chump change

[Chorus x2]

Ran cross me a lick so it's time ball
First thing I did grab my dawg fuck standin on
The block put it on pause first thing I holla
Take me to the mall fuck what you tlkin
About I'm tryin 2 blow it all spend some on a hoe
Some on my dawg nigga told me
Before you walk gotta crawl now this lick
I done hit got me standin tall wasn't round
Before I got it fuck all ya'll just grab me
Some diamonds no flaws got a rule over here
And nigga that's ball want that bitch
Rite there nigga no drawers

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