I know it's somebody, somewhere, homie
That today they celebration
I might not know ya
But I wanna celebrate witcha

Gotta be somebody the police chasin' that done got away
Gotta be somebody 'round the world today that'll beat they case
Gotta be somebody 'round the world got off probation today
Gotta be somebody 'round the world walkin' out them prison gates

I'm happy for that nigga, today, that done came home
And got that time behind 'em, now it's time to move on
I'm celebratin' witcha, the reason I wrote this song
Hope you done became a better person since you been gone
I salute you, my nigga, dawg, for stayin' strong
Now, getcha feet up unda ya, homie and keep it goin'
I hope ya walk straight, don't make the wrong turn
Them cracks waitin' to send you off on anotha long run
Just enjoy yaself tonight and have fun
And don't go fuckin' wit them niggas who ain't send ya nothin'
And if ya got kids, go'n get 'em and catch up
I'm celebratin' wit' you tonight, I'm holdin' my cup up


He took them crackas to the do' and he beat 'em in trial
A lot of niggas thought you was gon' lose but you held it down
All I can tell you, homie, you made all the real niggas proud
They offered you a plea bargain, but you turned it down
Stood in the paint, what you believed in, you did it in style
I know your family, they was worried, but now they can smile
Should be happy 'cause ain't too many of us beat 'em in awhile
Just be careful in these streets 'cause this shit done got wild
A lot of niggas fucked up, so they playin' it foul
He was your homeboy, he your co-defendant now
If you gon' get money, get it, but lose the crowd
Niggas in prison 'cause they homeboys ran they mouth


To that young nigga who took 'em on a high-speed chase
Ain't condonin' whatcha did, I'm just glad ya got away
I know ya heart beatin' fast, I'm just glad ya safe
Shit, you had to hit it, you couldn't afford another case
You tried to play cool, but you shoulda seen your face
Git a muthafucka, lost 'em in broad-day
Doin' a-hundred, dawg, goin' down a one-way
Jumped out on 'em, turned into a foot race
Git know the streets, so they couldn't keep they pace
He had to throw his pistol, they find it, that's okay
You ain't gotta do it, but for you I'ma celebrate
Do me a favor, dawg, stay out them cracka face

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