My chick is driving me crazy
she thinks that I'm lazy
Just because I'm good at nothing all day

My baby don't get it
so my job, I quit it
bust my ass,
hell I barely get paid

People like to put me down
And just because I hang around
Don't they understand it's my way?

Everybody tries to break me
Say they love me when they hate me
Baby you just can't bring me down
I've seen long and lonely days
and I have lost and found my ways
So baby you just can't bring me...down

Yeah, bring me down

Baby I'm leaving
you've got my heart bleeding
So I'm taking the easier way out

The angel in my head
is now the devil in my bed
If my walls could talk they would shout

Baby you can talk and talk
The hurt you caused, it just don't stop
I think I'm going out of my brain



I got a car, it go fast
Cute fuzzy dice up on the dash
Got a bumper sticker, just say "peace"
Keep a gun under my seat
To protect me from the pain
Should your words get in my brain
Can't you love me just the same
Can't you love me just the....


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